Bankruptcy Lawyer

Being laid off from work, incurring medical expenses, or paying for college are just some of ways that a responsible person can get into financial difficulties. Attorney Stephen A. Katz defends people facing such problems by (a) helping them declare bankruptcy; (b) defending them against debt-collection lawsuits; and (c) defending borrowers with student loans. Often a borrower has a stronger position than she realizes.



A powerful option for a beleaguered debtor is bankruptcy, because it eliminates many financial burdens. But a borrower considering bankruptcy needs to be able to determine whether it is her best option, and if so, what form of bankruptcy she should choose (chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy). A borrower must also understand bankruptcy’s consequences. Will it prevent an eviction? Stop wage garnishment? Save a home? Impair a debtor’s access to credit? A borrower's attorney must answer those and many other questions, if the borrower is to make a a reasoned decision about whether to declare bankruptcy.

Attorney Stephen A. Katz provides debt counseling to a borrower who is considering bankruptcy, so that she can determine whether that is best option. Because bankruptcy is not a borrower's only option.


Defending Against Collection Lawsuits

A good reason not to declare bankruptcy can be that the debtor has strong defenses to a debt-collection suit. Improper service of process, an expired statute of limitations, and other legal defenses can prevent a debt collector from obtaining a judgment. So a borrower does not necessarily have to declare bankruptcy.

But many borrowers do not know that. They either fail to oppose a collection suit so that a default judgment is entered against them; or they act as their own lawyer, and consequently lose to the creditor in court.

A borrower who hires competent counsel to oppose a collection suit can avoid burdens such as

  • fending off debt collectors;
  • going to court;
  • having to learn about court rules and statutes herself;
  • enduring the entry against her of a default judgment for a sum of money;
  • having impaired credit;
  • receiving a wage garnishment or a freeze on a bank account; and
  • having personal property repossessed, such as furniture or an automobile.

Attorney Stephen A. Katz is available to defend borrowers in debt-collection lawsuits. A borrowers may discuss her financial situation with attorney Katz confidentially, and at no charge.


Defending Against Student-Loan Lawsuits

A student loan usually cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. But borrower’s counsel has a number of ways of defending a person who is carrying student loans. If the borrower has not defaulted on a loan, her monthly payment can possibly be lowered; the attorney may be able to negotiate a loan modification that reduces the borrower’s total indebtedness; borrower hardship can be invoked; and a student who did not receive the education that she was promised may not have to repay the loan that paid for the fraudulent education. Finally, in some instances a student loan can be discharged in bankruptcy.

Attorney Stephen A. Katz is available to defend former students from creditors trying to collect on student loans. There is no charge for a consultation, and it is confidential.

Please explore this website, and learn about the options that a borrower has if she faces financial difficulties.

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