Collections Lawsuits

August 7, 2017

Fighting Collections Lawsuits

Many borrowers are subjected to unfair debt-collections practices. They receive harassing phone calls at home or at work; the amount that they owe is misrepresented; and judgments are entered against them without the summons and the complaint's ever being properly served on them. Those unfair debt-collection practices can result in an unfair judgment’s being levied against a borrower, which can in turn lead to wage garnishment, a frozen bank account, damaged credit reputation, and the imposition of fees and expenses.

Attorney Stephen A. Katz defends debtors against bill collectors and debt-collection lawsuits. He deals with a range of consumer activities, including:

1. credit-card debt; 2. credit-reporting errors; 3. medical debt; 4. default judgments; 5. wage garnishment; 6. frozen bank accounts; 7. student loans; 8. car loans.

State and federal laws protect borrowers from unfair collection practices. But most people are unaware of the laws, so debt collectors can often get away with scaring a borrower with imaginary threats, and enforcing a “debt” that the borrower has a good legal defense to, if she had a knowledgeable attorney to assert it.

You can count on us to investigate the facts of the case, challenge the evidence, and identify bad or misleading paperwork. We know what debt collectors are allowed to do, and what tricks they sometimes use on consumers. If you were targeted by a debt collector who violated the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act a lawyer can help you reverse a legal judgment and restore your credit rating.

If you are facing bank restraint (a partial or total freeze on an account) or wage garnishment, we can move swiftly to protect some of your money. Certain funds, like Social Security checks and unemployment insurance payments, are exempt from garnishment. Other circumstances may require a bank to immediately unfreeze the account. At the same time, we work on these immediate forms of relief, we can work with you to reverse or modify the underlying court judgment.

If you have received dunning letters, if a collection lawsuit has been started against you, or if your wages are being garnished, attorney Stephen A. Katz is available for an initial consultation that is free, and confidential.


Fight to Settle Your Debts:

Various laws regulate what debt collectors can and cannot do to recover a debt. A collections attorney will know when and if you can use these illegal practices against a collection agency or debt buyer.

Let us negotiate or litigate on your behalf. We know how to use the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other state and federal rules to protect clients and minimize the costs you experience because of collector abuse or error.

If you are facing a collections lawsuit or suspect illegal debt collection, do contact us right away for a free consultation 212-349-6400tel:212-349-6400">212-349-6400.