What to Bring to Court


What to Bring to Court:

You will need to bring a variety of documents to court for your hearing. Some of the requirements vary with the type of bankruptcy. After the United States Bankruptcy Court processes your petition, you will be given a court date. Make sure you do not miss this appointment, and plan to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. If you are late, your court date will have to be moved back. If you completely fail to appear for any reason, your case will be dismissed.

Regardless of the type of bankruptcy, if you represent yourself you will need to bring a variety of documents to court. In most instances, petitioners have lawyers and only need a few personal documents.

Supporting Documentation:

The court and/or your bankruptcy attorney should have all of the documents related to the case. If you are representing yourself, you should bring a copy of everything you submitted with your bankruptcy petition. This way, if the trustee has a question about a specific item it will be easy to answer. Petitioners should also be prepared to bring documents that support statements in their bankruptcy petition.

Some of the relevant documents include:

  • Pay stubs
  • Retirement account financial statements
  • Can loan documentation
  • Mortgage loan documentation
  • Bank statements
  • Profit and loss statements for self-employed persons
  • You will also need to bring identification to the courthouse.

    Identification Papers:

    You need to bring three things to court:

  • A state-issued photo ID card
  • Your Social Security card
  • A copy of your latest bank statement, if you have a bank account.
  • You should have previously furnished your attorney with any updated documents. If you are representing yourself, you would have filed the required documents weeks before the court date. Anything that needed to be updated, such as a creditor your previously forgot or a bank account that was just closed should be added before the hearing by submitting an updated creditor matrix.

    Much of the required documentation is also documentation that every petitioner needs to have in order to submit a bankruptcy petition. Filing a petition for bankruptcy can be complicated, so many individuals decide to work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

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